Biashara, an agriculture platform designed specifically for African farmers. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to help farmers manage their farm setup projects, connect with their local community, and sell their products to markets in Africa, Europe, and the USA.

UI Designs

Design Choice Weather Warning

As a UI designer, I had the opportunity to work on the home page design for a platform aimed at African farmers. One of the key features I wanted to include was alerts for extreme weather conditions. The goal of these alerts was to help farmers stay informed about potential weather threats and to provide them with advice on how to prepare and respond.


I usually start with a flow chart and wireframing. and I come up with stuff that should be on the page to make it easy to use and functional. and I show it to someone to get feedback and make changes accordingly.

Design Choice Assistend

I added an AI mascot named Nanna Monkey to the agriculture platform as a friendly and approachable interface for farmers. She serves as a virtual assistant, welcoming users to the app and providing guidance on how to use its features.

Working on biashara

During my time at hakuna I could work on lot of diffirent sections of the biashara app. From farm management to weather, member & Group mangement.  I eventualy could also help others with there design work in form of interaction design and could give critical feedback.

UI Designs

Canna Africa